Friday, July 31, 2009


I've started lots of posts this week about Indie. I've edited, deleted, been unable to finish, walked away when I couldn't find the words.

I've mused on broken hearts, and puppy love, and guilt, and joy and awesome memories.
I've thought about an addiction to tennis balls, slobbery heads out car windows, a dog who couldn't sit still in the back of a ute.
I've remembered a friend who would follow you around the yard and drop at the right opportunity for a scratch on the belly. A crazy dog who rocked backwards and forwards under trees, and no vet could ever figure out why.
I've laughed at the memory of the first time she barked and scared herself. Of the fish carcass she once brought back to camp that stank the whole place out. Of the way she used to run into the surf after a tennis ball, only to start backing up as soon as her feet didn't touch the bottom.

I've shared the story of the first day I met her. The one puppy sitting in the window of a pet store, not moving, not crying, just staring at all the people rushing past. Until her and I made eye contact, and our lives together were sealed.

I've cried thinking about the way I found her on Sunday night. Lying on her side on the lawn, almost paralysed with a tiny, destructive tick sticking out of her ear. I've felt guilt and also relief at the decision we made early Monday morning. And I know she is at peace.

Indie was the kind of dog who won over cat people. She lived with lots of other dogs and was never the leader of the pack. She never hurt a fly. She sat content at your feet for hours. She wagged her tail almost constantly.

She was very loved, and will be very, very missed.


Kate8085 said...

I am crying at this post. I am so, so sorry.
We love our babies with all of our hearts, and we are thinking about you and your family.
Such a beautiful baby.

vanilla pixie (Carley) said...

Beautiful Em. Until someone has experienced the unconditional love that comes from a canine, they can't understand.
Thinking of you xx

Chrisy said...

What a dog! Such beautiful character traits she sorry to hear that she's no longer with you...tho wouldn't be surprised if you stood beside any tree that you might start rockin and feelin her...
ps good to have found your blog...welcome to blogland...

Jenny said...

Emma I haven't checked your blog for awhile. So sad to hear about Indie's passing. I know how Russ and I would feel about Nell our girl. I dread the day we lose her. Dogs become more than pets they are family.

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