Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday - The Rock and Roll edition

Sterling Silver Bracelet, hand stamped with the words to Black by Pearl Jam.
Available from ChunkyPunkyandDinky at Etsy.

I'm going to see Pearl Jam tonight.
They're supported by Ben Harper.
Even more jealous?

Tee Hee.

Without further jealousy inducing statements, I bring you some fab music themed items straight from my Etsy favourites.

Sgt. Pepper's Band by Wicked Child Designs

Record Store Nerd by laurengregg.

Nirvana Hairdo Portrait Platter by Trixiedelicious

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Great Mosquito Massacre of 2009.

Last night was a restless one for the three of us, tucked up together in the same bedroom.
The wookie couldn't sleep, although I hadn't noticed as I did pass out for a couple of hours.
When the munchkin woke up for her midnight milk break, I was sitting in the chair, and could just hear Mozzies. And slapping. The wookie slapping mozzies and mozzies in my ear, that annoying whining sound that means you can't get to sleep.

We turned the light on.

And it was like living in the Amazon.

I thought we'd see one or two mozzies, kill them and get to bed.
Instead, the two of us spent the next half hour or so chasing mosquitos around the room.
I stopped counting at 30. YES THIRTY, and I think we probably killed at least 50.

The munchkin thought it was wonderful fun, the light on in the middle of the night, people talking and standing on the bed and slapping and swearing. We chased mozzies, she chased us.

We ended up covered in lavender oil (for the itching), with the aircon on (to close all windows and possible points of entry), with a mozzie coil burning.

Of course, then the little person couldn't sleep. She cried in her cot. We put her in our bed. She crawled all over us in the dark for half an hour, whinging and wanting to play, getting more and more grumpy and tired.

I moved back to the chair with her, to rock her to sleep. She was almost there when....
bang, an ENORMOUS grasshopper started crawling along my arm. I was holding the baby, feeding her and rocking, and did not have so much as a finger spare to remove the grasshopper.

Light on. Wookie back up out of bed (and slowly seeing possible hours of available sleep before work shrinking away). Grasshopper removed.

Back to the chair, baby asleep.

Back in bed. Baby wakes up, starts whinging and wanting to stand up.

I leave in the knowledge that she will fall asleep moments after I am out of view.

She does.

While the wookie gets her back to sleep in our bed, I stand in the wardrobe/en suite and kill SIX more mosquitoes.

I decide it's safe to go back to bed.

Baby wakes up.

I feed her (again! All the while mumbling about... seriously dude, are you newborn? How much milk do you want?).

She falls asleep.

The wookie falls asleep on my other side.

I lay awake. Smelling lavender and mozzie coils, listening to the unfamiliar noise of the aircon.

Around dawn I pass out.

Four hours later I'm here to tell you all about it.

Today I have to:
* Investigate natural mosquito solutions for our house. We live in the bush. We're surrounded by water. We have very large open plan bedroom. The little buggers are everywhere.
Any suggestions folks?
* Remove the blood splatters from all over our walls and ceilings. Although we did discuss, in delirium, leaving them there as a warning to other blood sucking insects.
* Inspect all the screens in our room for holes
* Have a decent, insect free nap

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm baaaack.

Just had a wonderful few days in Sydney, with my Wookie, the munchkin and my Mum.
Catching up on internet hoo-ha, thinking about Christmas presents I have to make, plus items to be completed for sale on my Etsy store, planning the munchkin's first birthday party, tackling messy house and garden in need of some love.
Phew. Let's just look at some pretty holiday snaps.....

Friday, November 6, 2009

Dresses for Little Ladies

This is my new line - Little Girl's Gypsy Dresses.

I am loving making them, chosing the fabric combinations and putting them altogether.
It all started when I made the munchkin a couple of dresses a while back - and then some friends spotted them on Facebook. And them some other people asked about them, and ... that's how it goes!

The Christmas ones have been really fun to make. They'd look so cute for Santa photos and on Christmas Day!

If you want a custom one for your little lady, just let me know!

Em x

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday

Poison Apple Fawn Mary Janes, by emandsprout.
I'm in love.

It's my birthday in a couple of weeks. I've always been a big birthday person, celebrating with multiple events and as much fuss as possible. For my 30th Birthday, I took a cruise around the South Pacific with my Wookie and two good friends, then went to New Zealand for a few days, and came home and had a two day festival ("Emfest"), which concluded in a 3rd Birthday party (much more fun than a 30th), complete with a balloon making wizard, face painting and an icecream cake.

My 31st was quite different. I was 38 weeks pregnant, hot, bothered and grumpy. I had a nice lunch with my close family and one friend, and cried when my Mum bought me a nursing bra as a gift. (Ah, pregnancy hormones, I don't miss you one bit).

So as my 32nd Birthday fast approaches, I find myself far more focused on the Munchkin's 1st Birthday. I just don't really care that my Birthday is coming up. Is that called being a parent? Getting more mature? Who knows. Whatever it is, I decided that today's wish list would be all about me. Things that I would buy myself, if the funds allowed, as a Birthday gift.

I own far too many handbags, this can not be denied. Still, how awesome is this? Made with a vintage scarf. By missmarmaladeuk. She makes amazing hobo tote bags too. I love her whole shop.

A bangle made with vintage atlases? Yes please! It's kooky. It's awesome. It's from soitsgray.

One thing I have more of than handbags, is earrings. But these rocket earrings by wingbysea are just too lovely to ignore. I could so wear them with that handbag ......

Lastly, but definitely not least, is Klee's Garden. Ive had my eye on this for quite a while, and I adore it - the colours - the style - the shape. Made by the lovely Natalia at realisationcreations.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dust Craft Swap

My partner for the September/October DUST Team Craft Swap was the lovely Liz, from Hundreds of Buttons.
Liz and I actually did a trade not too long ago. We both love Vintage buttons and using them in our work, I sent Liz a bag embellished with lots of lovely buttons and she sent me a gorgeous black and green button necklace.
We both laughed when we were partnered up again a short while later, and decided to just surprise each other with our Swap!

I couldn't be more thrilled with the result.
Liz sent me this stunning necklace - isn't it just Summery and lovely!She also sent me these earrings, which I have worn almost every day since receiving them.

Liz asked for some Coasters, and I also chose a really summery and bright fabric for her. But she hasn't received the parcel yet.... so I can't reveal too much.

Thanks for the great Craft Swap Liz!
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