Monday, November 2, 2009

Dust Craft Swap

My partner for the September/October DUST Team Craft Swap was the lovely Liz, from Hundreds of Buttons.
Liz and I actually did a trade not too long ago. We both love Vintage buttons and using them in our work, I sent Liz a bag embellished with lots of lovely buttons and she sent me a gorgeous black and green button necklace.
We both laughed when we were partnered up again a short while later, and decided to just surprise each other with our Swap!

I couldn't be more thrilled with the result.
Liz sent me this stunning necklace - isn't it just Summery and lovely!She also sent me these earrings, which I have worn almost every day since receiving them.

Liz asked for some Coasters, and I also chose a really summery and bright fabric for her. But she hasn't received the parcel yet.... so I can't reveal too much.

Thanks for the great Craft Swap Liz!


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Jan said...

I think they suit you beautifully, Emma. No parcel here , yet. Still waiting....

BonTons said...

Very nice! I love Dust Swaps

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