Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sounds of Spring!

Saturday was the debut of the new Felicia Fairy festival stall.
I have done a few smaller music festivals in the past, but not for around 8 years.

It was a fantastic day, despite the extreme heat and the dust storm that rolled in late afternoon - the fabulous team rocked the stall, sold some goodies, had a few beers, caught up with old mates and saw some great Aussie bands. Honestly, what else do you want from a Saturday?

I am so inspired now to hit the Summer Festival circuit. Lots of ideas and feedback from customers about what we need more of, what we could probably do without, what the people want, what works etc.
Expect to see me and my goodies at a Festival or market near you soon!


Chrisy said...

Whahooo! Looks and sounds great!

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