Monday, October 5, 2009

A Crafty Morning.

Yesterday for some crazy reason, I could not get back to sleep after the baby's 4am feed.
I had spent most of the day before looking at free sewing patterns on the internet, so at about 6am I decided to get productive and start creating.
Inspired by this Toddler Tshirt dress pattern, I made the cute dress modelled above!

I used a onesie instead of a Tshirt, it was a cute brand new one that probably never would have been worn as a onesie (she rarely wears them). And instead of just one fabric down the bottom, naturally I had to patchwork it! I think the range of different fabrics (all from my scrap box) is pretty cute.

I put her in the dress for the rest for the rest of the day. I learnt that it's a tiny bit too long - she pulls on the bottom of the skirt as she stands, and that also means the front seam between the skirt and onesie was practically destroyed by the end of the day. I think a more confident walker (the munchkin only just turned 10 months) wouldn't have this problem.

Of course now I am inspired to make her many more, and I have a pile of onesies on the craft table. Can't wait to pefect the design!

Last night I also gave this one a go. It's unhemmed so looks a little rough down the bottom. This is a gypsy style gathered skirt, using the most amazing vintage fabric swatches I inherited from my Mum's friend. If I get this style looking good, I think I'll make myself one!


Natalie said...

Sooooo cute! I gotta get making some for my girl!

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