Sunday, July 19, 2009

Awesome stuff I've bought on Etsy. Part I

Since I discovered Etsy I have been far more focused on buying beautiful things than selling them! Handmade goods have a warmth and joy that you don't find when buying stuff at Kmart.

If you've never washed with handmade soap, wrapped your baby in a handmade quilt, worn beautiful handmade jewellery, stuffed your belongings in a handmade bag, you truly are missing out.

My house is now full of gorgeous things.
For example:
Are these not the cutest overalls you ever saw? I couldn't resist the butt shot so you can see the gorgeous print. These were made by Little Squidgen, and I can't wait until her store is fully stocked again so I can get more. This painting - "Dot Goddess" sits above my sewing table in my craft room. I got it from Ranzangel who is a lovely Etsian! She makes all kinds of fun goodies including little clay critters. Check her shop out!I have all kinds of baby wraps and slings, but this one from Raspberry Baby was so great when Millie was a couple of weeks old. She would snuggle right into me in this beautifully comfy wrap! It's a lovely store and full of great baby gifts too.

Oh there are so many more, but I think I will pace myself!
I'd love to hear about your favourite Etsy purchases too


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