Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The 2010 Alphabet Dining Challenge

It's an idea we've had for a few years now..... 26 letters of the alphabet...... 52 weeks of the year...... more restaurants than you can count on the Coast and in Brisbane.
About a week before Christmas, the Wookie, The Wah and I were eating Yum Cha and discussing the idea, for about the tenth time.

And this is the year we actually do it. We're eating around the world!

Once a fortnight, we will dine in an International Restaurant. The three of us will always be there, and other people (including the Munchkin of course) are more than welcome. We don't have to go in Alphabetical order, but we MUST fill each letter of the Alphabet by 31st December 2010.

A - American? Australian?
B - Bavarian?
C - Chinese? Chillean?

and so forth......

The Wah is currently on holiday in Vietnam (Mmm.... V is for Vietnamese), so we must wait for her return before we begin.

Restaurant suggestions more than welcome. And of course, I will keep you update on our progress!


Michelle said...

Ha I love it - and once you've done the whole alphabet post it so we don't have to do so much thought work but just the eating...
Have fun!

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