Thursday, July 30, 2009

Awesome stuff I've bought on Etsy. Part II

Handmade forms a big part of my life.
Not just from Etsy, but from Local Markets, family and friends, plus things we make for ourselves.

Of course, Etsy continually comes up with the goods when it comes to hunting for gorgeous things.
Here are a few more purchases I have made that have enriched my life.

I own a lot of earrings. I would say "too many" if I even believed in such a thing!
There is a dazzling array of talented Jewellery artists on Etsy. I found elsiee through a trade and ended up with these amazing earrings. They are definately one of my favourite pairs, I wear them at least once a week.

Honestly, if you have never used handmade soap, I want you to go out and get some at the first opportunity! It is so much better than store-bought soap. It has a richness and texture that is just beautiful.
We have a dish of Handmade soap in the bathroom. I've bought soap from a few different Etsian Sellers. My favourites are without a doubt fellow Aussie Sellers, Inner Earth Soaps and Patti Flynn. Both have a constantly changing array of soaps.
The plate, by the way, is also handmade. Picked up at the Coober Pedy Underground Pottery on my travels around Australia in 2005. These two gorgeous prints adorn the wall of the Munchkin's room. We bought a bunch of fantastic bright frames from Ikea and are filling them with art that she can appreciate now for the colours, but also grow into as she gets older.
These prints are both by talented Aussie artists (see a theme here?). The one in the left is from Serpent Mandalas and the gorgeous Bee is from Sweet Witchetty.

Keep buying Handmade!


Kate8085 said...

Oh, wow! I love those prints. Perfect for the Munchkin's room.


All lovely things, particularly those prints, beautiful! :0)

alipink said...

I love those prints too! I have chosen some kid-to-grown-up art for my girls and hope that they will be become heirlooms.

innerearthsoaps said...

Gorgeous stuff Emma, love the earrings (I am a fellow earring collector!). Thanks for featuring my soap too :-)

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